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Welcome to the Acura Used Engines one stop shop! Our online store offers verity of parts and accessories including new replacement auto parts, aftermarket parts, original/OEM parts, refurbished/remanufactured/rebuilt auto parts and used part locating services. Our site offers online access to multiple automotive part stores.Our discount auto parts are available to you at wholesale price - significantly less than a dealer price.We offer only high quality replacement parts and accessories. Our warranty varies from 1-YEAR to a LIFETIME warranty.You can buy with confidence from us, knowing you have the best quality auto and truck parts with the best warranty protection at wholesale discount price!Thanks for visiting our website!

Jackson Acura Inventory

2009 Acura MDX Used Engine
Description:Gas Engine
3.7, 0, AUTO, FLR, AWD (3.7L, 6 cyl, VIN 2 6th digit)
Fits:2009 Acura MDX
(3.7L, VIN 2, 6th digit)
Quality:Good Quality - Low Mileage!
Warranty:1-Year (policy)
Stock Number:B150897412K
Location:Jackson, Mississippi 39209
Used Engines1.800.378.7566
2015 Acura ILX Used Engine
Description:Gas Engine
1.5, FWD
Fits:2015 Acura ILX
1.5L (VIN 3, 6th digit, Hybrid, SOHC, Canada market), gasoline
Quality:Low Quality - Very High Mileage!
Warranty:1-Year (policy)
Stock Number:B143319634G
Location:Jackson, Mississippi 39209
Used Engines1.800.378.7566
2006 Acura TL Used Engine
Description:Gas Engine
3.2, 6, AUTO, FLR, FWD (3.2L, 6 cyl, VIN 6 6th digit)
Fits:2006 Acura TL
(3.2L, VIN 6, 6th digit)
Quality:Premium Quality - Very Low Mileage!
Warranty:1-Year (policy)
Stock Number:B152692940K
Location:Jackson, Mississippi 39209
Used Engines1.800.378.7566